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Cinque Terre Day 3 Corniglia to Vernazza walk

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So Day 2 nearly did us in and we toyed with the idea of catching the 4 minute train from Corniglia to Vernazza. Then we looked at the forecast and it was all thunderstorms and doom and gloom, which made the train even more likely. But after a shower and, si, a pasta dinner we thought an early start the next morning would be possible. We weren’t THAT sore were we?

A breakfast voucher for our room gave us the pastry fortitude needed to start the walk, along with a new forecast for a sunny day. The weather changes quickly in these parts it seems. We didn’t really get moving till 11am though as a souvenir fridge magnet was calling.

This section of the Cinque Terre hiking trail is maintained so they collect fees at either end of the walk. Unlike our Day 2 hike-from-hell (with some nice bits), Day 3 gave us lots of handrails and wooden paths to take the edge off, well, the edges. A cliffhanging cafe appeared out of nowhere at the halfway point just in case we needed a cappuccino stop.

Still steep bits up and down and some lovely long flat paths with coastline views but the six km was done and dusted in two hours, as predicted by google maps.

The storm did eventuate splatting rain just as our weary bums touched down for lunch at the first restaurant we came across in Vernazza.

Here are some photos from the walk plus a few extras from our afternoon in Vernazza. There’s a rocky beach through a cave tunnel from the village. Everyone ignores the signs not to enter it, just best to sit away from the cliff. We preferred it to squeezing onto the beach in the town marina.

Day 4 will be a ferry to the last town we’re heading to, Monterosso. The 15 minute ferry and beach time vs the 3+ hour walk – a no-brainer.

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